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Reality Check

Ok, I know that just recently I have had a – how shall I put this? – slight tendency to be annoyed by my fellow human beings. These periods in life happen. Human beings are, after all, frequently somewhat annoying. … Continue reading

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Marathon (Wo)Man

I just want to say a vaguely impersonal, yet none-the-less heartfelt, thank you to everyone who has supported my beloved daughter Kimberly in her attempt to help the homeless, by running around London yesterday, in a giant circle. She started … Continue reading

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   3 hours, 2 minutes, 40 seconds – a triumph! (disregard all the blood, he only cut his finger)

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

This is not going to be an amusing post. Or an informative one. Or even, it must be said, a vaguely interesting one. And, happily for everyone involved, it also won’t be very long. Because, I’m just too depressed to … Continue reading

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Where Is Lynne Truss When You Need Her?

Lynne Truss wrote a book, a very good book, about grammar, entitled Eats, Shoots and Leaves. It was a bestseller, so presumably a lot of people bought a copy. Although, to be perfectly fair, I suppose it could also mean that a few people … Continue reading

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Small World and Other Stories

I don’t know about you, but Tom and I are not prone to spur-of-the-moment trips. I know, it’s very sad. But, perhaps we will get better at it once the children are well and truly grown, and the business doesn’t … Continue reading

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Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

If you are reading this, it’s a minor miracle. On so many levels. I have promised my friend Harriet that I will post an entry to this blog every Sunday for an entire year. That’s 52 entries, because I am … Continue reading

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