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Reality Check

Ok, I know that just recently I have had a – how shall I put this? – slight tendency to be annoyed by my fellow human beings. These periods in life happen. Human beings are, after all, frequently somewhat annoying. … Continue reading

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Marathon (Wo)Man

I just want to say a vaguely impersonal, yet none-the-less heartfelt, thank you to everyone who has supported my beloved daughter Kimberly in her attempt to help the homeless, by running around London yesterday, in a giant circle. She started … Continue reading

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My New Life

Ok, that title was a little bit misleading. Actually, it was completely misleading, bordering on the outright deceptive. I don’t have a new life. Yet. It is, however, in the planning stages. And, that, is a big step in the … Continue reading

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My Contribution to the English Language

I was just listening to a fascinating discussion about the Oxford English Dictionary. No, seriously. Apparently, they add words all the time but never take any out. So, not only is it a dictionary but it is also a historical … Continue reading

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Normal Service Disrupted

Having learned from my recent Barcelona experience, I am letting you know that normal service will be disrupted this week. I am off to Cornwall for a good friend’s very special birthday. Not sure I can blog when I get … Continue reading

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I Tweet, Therefore, I Am

This is going to be a short post, although probably longer than 140 characters. Because, let’s face it, 140 just isn’t that many characters. Especially for someone who likes commas, like I do. I was told by the very nice … Continue reading

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Not Wired

You may have noticed that there was no post last week. I realise, of course, that you almost certainly had better things to do than to notice. But, either way, there was no post. I was visiting my boy in … Continue reading

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