Reality Check

Ok, I know that just recently I have had a – how shall I put this? – slight tendency to be annoyed by my fellow human beings. These periods in life happen. Human beings are, after all, frequently somewhat annoying.

So, I need a reality check.

Is this a legitimate annoyance…

…or is it just me?

On Thursday, a delivery man arrived at my front door carrying a note from my neighbour. Not a near neighbour, mind you. Not someone I like and am going through life alongside. No, he’s someone from up the road. Someone whose name I couldn’t have told you a few days ago. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t really know it. We are the good morning, how are you, lovely/awful weather, isn’t it, sort of neighbours.

The note directed the man to leave the packages at my house and to tell me that the not-so-neighbouring neighbour would pick them up that evening.

Ok, a little odd, since he never mentioned that he was directing delivery men to my door. Or asked if it was ok to do that. But, he knows I work from home. I guess it made sense to him.

And, to be honest, holding on to a small package or two until the evening wasn’t such a lot to ask. That’s what neighbours, of the near and not-so-near variety, are for.

And then the delivery man, and his assistant, started bringing them in.

Until we arrived at:Image

Ok, slightly more annoying. And intrusive. You are, after all, only seeing the ones nearest the camera. But still, only blocking the entrance to my front room until that evening.

The evening arrived.

…The neighbour didn’t.

…I went in search of him.

Only to be told that he had gone away for the Easter holidays and would be back ‘sometime next week’.

So, there you have it. Well, there I have it. Or them. To be more accurate.

Would you be annoyed that you were spending Easter walking around all this, or would you just consider it a piece of modern art – probably entitled ‘Annoying’. Although, alternative titles are suggesting themselves to me…I won’t tell you what they are. It is, after all, almost Easter.

And speaking of which, I hope you all have a very happy Easter/Passover/weekend. Well, maybe not my neighbour. It can rain on him. Wherever he is.

Not Leo Tolstoy (aka Eileen Riley)

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12 Responses to Reality Check

  1. fok100 says:

    Annoying doesn’t cover it!!!!

  2. Bob Arms says:

    Eileen, your stories are priceless – an irresistible read! You are always fun to read. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sue Brearley says:

    Total flippin’ cheek!
    Can you perhaps arrange a reciprocal delivery? Perhaps on Christmas Eve?

  4. Lenore Micallef says:

    I would be very tempted, when he returns, to pretend that I too went away and don’t have a clue what he is talking about…I call it a bloody cheek!! If you can move them to your garage and do not be that swift to give them to him…unless there is some amazing explanation. GOOD LUCK and W/E greetings returned. L, xx xx

    Please Note: To help prevent viruses and junk mail you are kindly requested to delete my name and email address before forwarding to others – Thank You Lenore Micallef Ir-Razzett Triq il-Busbezija L/o Mosta MST 5582 MALTA Home 00 356 2142 0286 Mob 00 356 7902 0753

    Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 09:42:14 +0000 To:

    • Eileen Riley says:

      Sadly the garage is now the spare room, which is why they are cluttering up the front room. I thought of that ‘packages, what packages’ approach but I want them out of here. He won’t have an explanation, or even a thank you that sounds sincere. He once had his new rugs – as in the plural – delivered here. Reached from the front door to the door to the kitchen, had to scale them every time you wanted to go out or have a cup of tea. Those, however, only stayed for the day. And, when he saw them, instead of saying ‘I am SOOOOO sorry. I had no idea how inconvenient this would be’, he said ‘Can you pick up this end? Cheers’. I think this is the last time I let the delivery man through the door!

  5. Eileen McDonough says:

    Yes, he has a lot of nerve. Make it inconvenient for him to pick them up.

  6. Imogen Graham says:

    Outrageous! But moderate your response till you know whether he has bought you a very generous present (like a Persian rug) back from wherever he’s been…….

  7. Harriet says:

    Perhaps open the packages and check them out? See if there’s anything you can use? If nothing else, that should forestall yet another delivery.

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