What cable?

I should probably warn you right now – this is not going to be my best effort. No, that’s not true. It will be my best effort, it just won’t be my best result.

Because, my heart really isn’t in it. I have, after all, already written this. And it turned out ok. At least, I was happy enough with it to push the Publish button. But, between a last reread and another post making its way out into the universe, something happened.

My internet died.

And my phone.

And my iPad. Well, Kimberly’s iPad. But, I was using it.

The same thing happened to my neighbours. I know this because we were all standing outside our doors, looking up and down the street, to see what was going on. I have absolutely no idea what we thought we would see, but we were out there nonetheless. It was kind of nice, to tell you the truth.

Anyway, it turns out that someone had tried to steal a cable. Or “the cable” as we all kept calling it. I have no idea what cable this is, or where it is located, or what anyone would do with it once they had stolen it, but it was gone and so was everything I spent the past several hours writing.

But, you know what? It’s a beautiful day outside. The sky is blue. The sun is shining. It’s early October and warm enough to eat in the garden. This is England. You can’t take these days for granted. They are gifts, and ones not frequently given at that.

So, I think I will go find out what this Artists Open House is all about. The neighbours were talking about it, while looking in vain for the missing cable.  Apparently local artists are inviting the public in to see what they have been up to. They’ve created a trail, from one house to the other, and it runs right down our street and all around the Common.

Following that on a sunny day just has to be a better idea than sitting here trying to remember what I was talking about before breakfast. Doesn’t it?

So, I’m off. See you next week. Cable Guy willing…

Not Leo Tolstoy (aka Eileen Riley)

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