Dorney Lake finish


 3 hours, 2 minutes, 40 seconds – a triumph!

(disregard all the blood, he only cut his finger)

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12 Responses to Update

  1. Sue Brearley says:

    Well done Tom!
    Blood, sweat and tears…?

  2. Imogen Graham says:

    Tom – there’s a movie waiting to be made….many congratulations – what an achievement!

  3. Eileen Riley says:

    All kidding aside, he inspired people all around the course. If he can do it…

  4. Marty says:

    Awesome! Way too go!

  5. Serena perkins says:

    Wow well done tom, bet you sleep well tonight !!

  6. Eileen Riley says:

    He will. Not sure about me. I’m in serious pain. All that supporting was very tiring!

  7. Betty Arms says:

    Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment. Proud to call you my brother-in-law!

  8. Brad says:

    Congrats Tom!!! Way to go!!! (and congrats on your supporting too Eileen =)

  9. Eileen Riley says:

    Thanks Brad. I have to say, I was a very vocal supporter. Feeling a bit tired today… The triathlete, meanwhile, seems surprisingly ok!

  10. Victoria Dearborn says:


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