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  ¬†3 hours, 2 minutes, 40 seconds – a triumph! (disregard all the blood, he only cut his finger) Advertisements

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Go, Tom, Go

This is going to be a very short post this week. I’m just out the door to go cheer Tom on as he swims, cycles and runs to raise money for Heroes for Harrison. The¬†group was set up to help … Continue reading

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Impending Disaster

Help me. My house is shrinking. I’m not kidding. The walls are actually closing in. Like in that scene from Star Wars where our heroes are stuck in a galactic rubbish compactor. It’s just like that. Only, we’re in London. … Continue reading

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I really hate to say this, but Tom may have been right. I suppose, statistically speaking, that it has to happen every now and again but, even so, the possibility still comes as a surprise. Last week we were sitting … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone

I’ve misplaced my comfort zone. If anyone out there has found it, can you please return it to me forthwith, or sooner, because it’s weird out here in the outer realms. Really weird. And scary. Very, very scary. My journey … Continue reading

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I have spent the past week apologising (and sending flowers) to the neighbours because of my daughter’s ridiculously loud and long party last weekend. And, while I totally understand why the neighbours are so annoyed, I can’t help but be … Continue reading

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