Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your computer again…

If any of you are still out there, hello. You may, I am fairly certain, be surprised to hear from me, but not nearly as surprised as I am. As you no doubt recall, I promised my friend Harriet that I would write a blog every week for a year. She had the bizarre idea that if I wanted to be a writer, I should write. I know, but we’ve been friends for a very long time and if it would make her happy, I was willing to humour her. Just this once. For a limited time only.

And so, write I did. Faithfully. On Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, and Easter Sunday, and on the rare days when I wasn’t feeling very well and on the much more frequent days when I had absolutely nothing to say. Every week. For an entire year.

At least, I thought I did.

My brother, however, disputed this. In fact, he counted my past posts and informed me I was more than a few weeks short of my target. Naturally, I immediately assumed that he was wrong and just got on with my life. A busy life, one in which I finally wrote the long-talked-about-but-never-written book that is being published in October, and sold one company while helping to start another, and joined a choir, and waved the children off to wherever they were going, and home again, and even thought about exercising, from time to time.

But, the doubt took hold. And grew. And Grew. And GREW.

In fact, it grew so large that I eventually could ignore it no longer, which explains why this morning I went back and checked for myself. And yes, sadly, very sadly, he was right. Who could have seen that coming?

So, being the kind of person who feels compelled to finish something once I have started it (especially diets and attempts to cut down on the white wine), I am back. At least for a bit.

You have been warned.

Not Leo Tolstoy (aka Eileen Riley)

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17 Responses to Yoo-hoo

  1. Serena Perkins says:

    So glad to to hear this missed it!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Nice to see you back! Now tell us more about the book…

  3. Eileen Riley says:

    Hi Serena, be careful what you wish for…

  4. Eileen Riley says:

    Thanks Gabi. Nice to see you too. Don’t worry, there will be more, much more, too much more, about the book in the coming weeks,

  5. Jim Riley says:

    Welcome back, Leon. I missed you.

  6. Imogen Graham says:

    Something to look forward to again on a Sunday! You’ve joined a choir??

    • Eileen Riley says:

      Yes, I bet you didn’t expect that! It’s the South London Choir. No auditions, just turn up and sit down wherever you think you belong. I thought I belonged in the kitchen making the tea but there weren’t any chairs in there.

  7. notquiteold says:

    I hope you counted very wrong and have a lot more posts to write.

    • Eileen Riley says:

      Thanks Nancy. Hope you don’t come to regret that sentiment. While I have been among the missing, you haven’t. Still laughing about the Mad Men episode. I’ve been telling my daughter for years about the horror of being a 16-year-old high school student, called out of gym class by a fire drill, and having to stand – in a little gym outfit, complete with bloomers – on the corner of Madison Avenue and East 68th Street for what seemed like hours, while all the Mad Men walked by, commenting, and the nuns darted up and down the line trying to keep them away from us. We watched an episode together and I was finally able to say ‘THAT’S what they were like’! She finally understands the depth of my trauma and my need to keep talking about it…

  8. Marty says:

    Glad to see you’re back. I missed your adventures.

  9. ms@samphireassociates.com says:

    It’s wonderful to have you back, Eileen. Would the blogs make for another book?

  10. Carla Rapoport says:

    Welcome back! What’s the title for the new book??

  11. Eileen Riley says:

    Thanks, Carla. I’ll tell you that at the launch party for this one!

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