Come on …

… Roger.

Yes, it’s true. I want Roger Federer to win Wimbledon. There, I’ve said it.

I fully expect someone to knock down my door and drag me off to the Tower any second now. Because, judging by the hysteria that has gripped the country since Andy Murray’s ‘historic’ semi-final win on Friday, it is treasonous not to support him. After all, Murray is the first British man to reach the Wimbledon finals since Bunny Austin in 1938. That, in case you are trying to figure it out, was a very long time ago. So long ago, in fact, that a man could be named Bunny – without irony. And, let’s face it, there haven’t been all that many sporting triumphs to get excited about between then and now.

Plus, it’s the Jubilee Year and the Olympics are coming, so it would be a wonderful addition to the festivities if a Brit won at Wimbledon.

Which, I suppose is true, but just…not that Brit.

He’s probably a perfectly nice person. He does, after all, love his dogs which, you have to admit, is a very good sign. And, the ball boy who lives down the road says that he is very polite off court and always makes a point of saying thank you to everyone. He is even beginning to verge on the gracious in his post-match interviews.

But, even so…

He’s just so unpleasant to watch – all that head-thrown-back screaming for one thing. And the fist pumping. And the shouting. And that’s just his mother. Well, it’s his entire box, actually, except for Ivan, who usually looks a bit bored. And, then there’s the racket-banging and the weird internal dialogue that isn’t quite internal enough. And the limping. Has anyone else ever noticed that?

Yes, I know that it’s admirable that he works so hard, and cares so much and he really has, it must be said, gotten quite good but watching him play tennis makes me yearn for a relaxing trip to the dentist.

While, Roger, on the other hand is elegant. His play is lovely to watch. He wears cardigans and, in moments of high tension, he pats his hair to make sure it’s still looking nice. His intensity makes him appear focused rather than crazed, and his father reminds me of every parent in the world who is watching his boy and hoping that he isn’t going to be disappointed.

Still, someone IS going to have to be disappointed and it’s a question of whether it is Roger and his family or Andy and the entire nation. Well, almost the entire nation. There must be one or two other Murray non-fans out there. Perhaps we could form a self-help group, or a secret society complete with a special hand signal to denote membership?

I wonder if the Murrays have that fist-pump patented…

Not Leo Tolstoy (aka Eileen Riley)

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7 Responses to Come on …

  1. My heart says Roger as he is a complete God (and did I tell you I met him and he was just as God like in the flesh!) but it would be lovely in the jubilee year for a Brit to win, except he doesn’t count himself as a Brit, think that’s what irks so many people, so COME ON ROGER!!!

    • Eileen Riley says:

      I didn’t know you had met Roger. Wow, lucky you. And yes, I ignored that entire Scottish angle, which is what everyone else in England is doing at this very moment. Of course, if he loses we will all remember it instantly.

  2. Sue from round the corner says:

    Totally agree about the fist thing… And the grunting! So o o o o irritating!
    On the plus side, his mum does look a bit like Jamie Lee Curtis.

  3. Mark says:

    The thing about Andy Murray, surely, which must define him to some extent, which rarely gets mentioned (although he taks about it in his autobiography), maybe because his PR people have said it’s a no-go subject for discussion, is that he was at Dunblane Primary School at the time of the massacre there in 1996…

    • Eileen Riley says:

      That’s very true, although I have heard him interviewed on the subject and he said that all of the children in the town were so sheltered from what happened that he didn’t realise the enormity of it for years afterwards. Perhaps a more telling point is that his mother was in Dunblane at the time. I guess if your child is spared when other children weren’t, you might want to make sure that he realises their potential.Or never let him out of your sight. Or both.

  4. Imogen says:

    Eileen don’t forget you’re an American and don’t understand the British angst which Murray personifies. Having said that as my mum says Roger is such a ‘nice boy’ (enough to put you off actually) and it’s quite true his game is beautiful but won’t it be fascinating to see how Andy deals with the glory of winning? But I think we all know that it will be Roger’s day – yet again. I think we have Rafa (why do I always think of a shaggy dog now) to thank for Andy getting this far too. Nevertheless COME ON ANDY!!!

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