Normal Service Disrupted

It is Mother’s Day in Britain this Sunday. And, since I am a mother and live in London, this affects me. It is also going to affect my blog.

I managed to post something on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day but this one is going to defeat me.

For all the right reasons.

Because, yesterday, my beloved daughter Kimberly announced that she had organised my Mother’s Day present. We are going skiing. Just the two of us. And she’s paying.

Now, we aren’t very good at spontaneity in my family. That would require being a bit more organised than we seem capable of being. And so, after a bit of:

“What?” “Really??” “When?!”

…we both started running around, trying to assemble the ski things that we thought we weren’t going to be needing again this year, if ever (Whose Idea Was This, Anyway). I knew where absolutely everything was supposed to be, and discovered that some of it was actually there. Which came as a nice surprise.

And so we are off, in three hours.

She is mad to have done it, of course. Her entire office was apparently shouting at her to not push the “Yes” button when she booked it yesterday. I can see their point. It does, after all, wipe out her savings account.

And I do feel badly about how much money she is spending on this. But, I am thrilled.

Not only by going skiing. Not even mostly by going skiing. I’m thrilled that she wants us to have an adventure together. Just the two of us.

Click on the webcam to see us. We will be the ones waving, and falling down.

Until next week.

Not Leo Tolstoy (aka Eileen Riley)

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8 Responses to Normal Service Disrupted

  1. Mim says:

    What a brilliant idea Kimberly – have a great time! Don’t leave the passports or iPads on the bus this time!

    • Eileen Riley says:

      I know. It was so wonderful. The skiing was great, but spending time together was, to coin a phrase, priceless.

      Met a ski instructor who who told us that each person must find his own path down the mountain. Think he may have been the Dalai Lama, moonlighting. Still, he had a point. And we did. It was a great weekend. And probably less painful than cycling down to Taunton will be!

  2. Tom Arms says:

    I am REALLY looking forward to FATHER’S DAY!– Kimberly’s Dad

  3. notquiteold says:

    Come back in one piece!

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