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I appear to have prematurely published something, again. I have no idea what just happened. I wasn’t anywhere near the Publish button. In fact, I was rolling up a rug in preparation for the imminent arrival of an incontinent dog … Continue reading

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It Could Be Worse: Take 2

I have to admit it. 2012 has not gotten off to the best of starts. Mind you, nothing disastrous has happened, yet. So far, it’s just a sense that something might. At any point. Strike without warning. And I know … Continue reading

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The Arrival

Have you ever heard that expression about how the journey is more important than the arrival, or destination, or something like that? I have no idea who first coined it, but I am absolutely certain that it was a man. Absolutely … Continue reading

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Early on Monday morning, I returned home from a wonderful ski holiday, filled with pure Alpine air, pleasantly aching muscles and an intense feeling of resolve. The ridiculously long Christmas holidays were finally, officially, at an end and I was ready to ‘get … Continue reading

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Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

If you are reading this, it’s a minor miracle. On so many levels. I have promised my friend Harriet that I will post an entry to this blog every Sunday for an entire year. That’s 52 entries, because I am … Continue reading

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I’ve had an Eureka moment. Like Ebenezer Scrooge when he first encountered Jacob Marley’s ghost, I initially assumed it was a bit of indigestion. That wouldn’t have been totally impossible, considering the amount of alcohol and sugar that has been … Continue reading

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