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One Year On

It’s my birthday, again. I know. This is getting boringly, ridiculously, relentlessly repetitive. It seems to be my birthday every time I wake up lately. But today’s different, today’s the real thing. I can tell because my phone beeped at me at 7am … Continue reading

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Other Than That, How Was the Play Mrs Lincoln?

I’m beginning to know how Mary felt. It all seemed so simple at first. The play was in town. She and Abe didn’t really have all that much to do around the White House, what with the Civil War winding down as … Continue reading

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Who Would Be Young?

They may have great skin, but who would really want to be young? I don’t know about where you live, but here in Britain it’s not easy for them. Unemployment figures this week showed that one in five people aged … Continue reading

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Bring Your Own Song

If you had been invited to an event entitled ‘A Bring Your Own Song Evening’, what would you have thought? Exactly, you would have thought that you had to bring your own song, a song of your own, one that you … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

… usually  not me. Which is why I have decided to not tell you the meaning of life this week, or to share with you the secret of eternal youth and have, instead, decided to concentrate on something really important. … Continue reading

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